MJ Rudnick
"All Plugged In With Nowhere to Go!"

It's an old story. And an embarrassing one, too. You
just bought a new, state-of-the-art computer for your
home or small business because your old computer
was running slowly.  Or you want to upgrade your
equipment and start fresh with the latest PC updates.
Or your kids and grandkids pooled their cash and
bought you a computer so that you can email around
the world.  

You're thrilled.  You're grateful.  That's good.  
What's bad is that you're all plugged in with nowhere
to go.

•After the computer, complete with the latest bells
and whistles, made its way out of the box...
Don't throw those away, you might need them later when, in
deep frustration, you pack up the monster  and cart it back to
the store!

•After the store tech or the geek next door untangled
what seems like a snake pit of cords...

•After you pushed the ON button and your screen
saver  appeared...
Those nice pictures of sunsets or kids that form a background
scene on your computer screen!

•After all that, what do you do now?

Call MJ Rudnick, Computer Coach & Consultant.  
That's right.  There is someone who will literally setup your
equipment and then  "coach" you through sending and
receiving email, scanning and emailing photos, using a spread
sheet or a video camera, anything and everything you want
your computer to do.  We will help you set up your financial
records on the computer and teach you how to shop safely
online. We will build or expand your network and make it
secure, create a new Website and teach you how to update it
or we will manage it all for you.

"We don't just do it for you," says Computer Coach &
Consultant, MJ Rudnick. "We help you to choose
your hardware and software, to set everything up
and to teach you how its done.  You can take all the
time you need, because we hold your hand through
the entire process and we don't leave you until you
can make it on your own."  
MJ Rudnick
& Coach
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